Restored 1933 Hillman Wizard 75 (6 Light Saloon – Mark 2 De-Luxe) in St Andrews, Scotland
  • Owner: Richard Hynd
  • Contact details: Contact us
  • Date of photo: October 2009
Richard asked: I have been having an annoying little problem with my Wizard for some years and wondered if you had come across it and found a solution.  I think it is fuel vaporisation.  If I have been running the car for a while and it is up to 90 degrees and I switch it off, it will not start again – even immediately.  Very annoying when you are at a church doing a wedding!  The only solution is wait about 40 mins (to cool down ?) and it fires up again no problem.  I am sure it is a quite common problem with Wizards as the carb sits above the exhaust manifold on the same side of the engine.  Someone told me that these cars run a lot hotter on unleaded fuel than they did back in the 30’s with leaded fuel.
We suggested: It has to be either fuel or spark, and the best way to find out which is to do the testing when it is at the stage when it will not fire.  Firstly is there any attempt to fire??? If initially then electrics are normally ok, and it is  fuel issue. If nothing then consider spark issues first.  Is there the normal cranking speed when it is hot?  Fuel – with the air filter off and the accelerator pumped, you should be able to see fuel sprayed into the carby chamber, if not then it is worth looking at why it isn’t there to be pumped.  Is the fuel pump lazy when the motor is hot?  Is it pumping, undo the inlet to the carby and check?  Electrics – Is there spark at the plugs when this happens?  If not is the coil at fault with intermittent consistency when it gets to a certain temp?  Is the coil on the motor?  If so get it off and replace it when this is done, they don’t like high temperatures.
Has anyone else ever come across this problem before, and if so, please contact us to offer any advice or a solution?
Restored 1933 Hillman Wizard 65 in Southport
Restored 1932 Hillman Wizard 75 in Coventry
  • Owner: Coventry Transport Museum
  • Date of photo: May 2010 (credit: Trigger)


Restored 1932 Hillman Wizard 75 in Coventry
  • Owner: Coventry Transport Museum
  • Date of photo: July 2009 (credit: Rob)